Oct. 24-27, 2021, Online Virtual

CDVE2021 Program

The CDVE2021 conference program will include technical sessions and social activities. The program can be seen below.

We will try our best to arrange your presentation according to your time zone. The conference schedule shows the local time of the program. You can verify your own local time using this tool. You can put your city and the date and time of the conference there for the exact verification. This can help you not to miss your presentation time and any session that you would like to attend.


The conference session list can be seen here with the paper list in each session. All the presenters please check if your paper is in the list and if the time of the session is good for you.
CDVE2021 session paper list.

CDVE2021 game party - Everybody, be prepared!

To make our conference more enjoyable and have more fun, the organization team will hold a game party on Day 2 of the conference. Everybody is invited to join the party. Please prepare a nice picture that you would like to share with other participants.
Each participant can share this picture of something of their life, anything that tells a story about you: your dog or cat, your favorite mug to drink coffee, your kids, a favorite TV show, or even the view from your apartment or house. Then we would like to ask you to share the story behind the picture you shared. 

Technical Sponsor

IEEE SMC Visual Analytics and
                                  Communication Technical Committee



University of Balearic Islands

                            Institute of Science and Technology
Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

Information Visualization Society


Interact Design


Interact Design