Oct. 24-27, 2021, Online Virtual

How do we evaluate your papers?

To help the authors to write a high-quality paper related to our conference main themes, here are the suggestions:

1. Topic: It is very important to check if your research work is within to the conference focus: Read our call for paper themes.
You should identify at least one keyword that matches your work. Your paper should concentrate on this topic.

The conference emphasized the “cooperative” “integration” aspect of the design, visualization, engineering and other applications. It also includes the theory and basic methods for these applications.
You should make sure your paper concentrates on these aspects or be related to these aspects. Multiple user, multiple discipline, multiple location, multiple automaton, multiple unit, multiple sensors, network applications or facilitating such applications are within our conference interest. Integration of life cycles in design, engineering …are also within our interest. Please see more in our call for papers themes for more information.

2. Title: Setup a title that can summarize your work in one short sentence. It is the most important element for the readers to understand your paper. All the contents in the paper should serve the title. Try not to use unnecessary words such as “research on …”, “a new method of…”.

3. Structure:  A paper should include an abstract, keywords and a set of sections and a list of references.
The abstract should briefly describe your work presented in the paper and not an introduction of the topic. It should be short.

A long paper should have an introduction of the problem to solve, the current situation, your approach, the reason to take such approach, your results and evaluation. It should dedicate enough space for the concrete work done. Evaluation or at least some sample use cases are necessary.

A short paper can present the intermediate result of a project. No long introduction is necessary. The paper should concentrate in reporting the major result of the work.

4. Formats: The paper should follow the LNCS format restrictively including the page layout, fonts types and sizes...This conference is science and technology oriented. The paper should be supported by schemes, figures and pictures etc. Due to the short space, unless being exceptional, a survey is not generally suitable for this conference. You can see more in our submission page.

Paper evaluation criteria
1. Paper topic relevant to the conference  
The conference is focused on cooperative aspect of the design, visualization and engineering plus other applications. For cooperative engineering, we emphasize life cycle management, integration etc. The paper topic should be related to the topic listed in the call for paper themes of the conference.

2. Technical correctness and novelty  
The paper should be technically correct. The technical approach should be novel compared with exiting approaches.  The paper will not be considered if it has similar results in existing publications including the authors own publications.

3. English usage   
The paper should reach the international technical English writing level. There should not be grammar mistakes and improper uses of abbreviations, terms and expressions.

4. Paper format, figure, table, reference quality   
The paper should follow the LNCS format. The titles, fonts, figures, tables and references should strictly follow the LNCS format:

5. Presentation quality in general  
The paper should have good quality in the structure setup, contents distribution etc.

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