October 21 - 24, 2018, Hangzhou, China

CDVE2018 Final Program

CDVE2018  final program is now available with all the session chairs named

Oct. 21, 2018:         Evening Registration
Oct. 22, 2018:         Conference opening, paper presentations
                                Afternoon: Conference reception tour
Oct. 23, 2018:         Paper presentations
                                Evening: conference dinner
Oct. 24, 2018:         Paper presentation and closing

Please notice that some details of the program has been modified to fit the concrete arrangement. Please check where you are and please be on time.

Session chairs: Please check where your session is in the final program. We recommend that the session chair briefly introduce yourself, then the speakers. The most important task is to control the time. This will assure the conference goes on time. Thank you.

Here you can download the final program by clicking final program.

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IEEE SMC Visual Analytics and
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Zhejiang University
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