Sept. 22 - Sept. 25, 2013

Keynote speech: Improving Wireless Sensor Networks using cooperative techniques
by Prof. Jaime Lloret, University of Valencia

Abstract: Hardware miniaturization jointly with last advances in the sensor technology has made the appearance of small devices with high computing capacity and low power consumption. Wireless sensor networks have become increasingly popular in the recent years due to their wide range of applications. Their energy consumption, combined with the deployment of a large number of nodes, has added many challenges to their design and management. The use of cooperative methods for energy saving is one of the hottest topics in WSNs. In this speech, we will show the benefits of cooperative techniques in wireless sensor networks. We will show how existing approaches improve their power saving and energy optimization. Moreover, we will also analyze and discuss how new MAC layer protocols make use of cooperative techniques to take the appropriate decisions in order to structure the network topology and how routing protocols use these cooperative decisions to route the information inside the network. Some published works and running projects will be detailed in order explain the topics reviewed during the speech.

About the speaker

Prof. Jaime Lloret received his M.Sc. in Physics in 1997, M.Sc. in electronic Engineering in 2003 and Ph.D. in telecommunication engineering (Dr. Ing.) in 2006.

He is a Cisco Certified Network Professional Instructor. He worked as a network designer and administrator in several enterprises. He is currently Associate Professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
Prof. Jaime Lloret is the head of the research group "communications and remote sensing" of the Integrated Management Coastal Research Institute and the head of the "Active and collaborative techniques and use of technologic resources in the education " Innovation Group. He is the director of the University Expert Certificate “Redes y Comunicaciones de Ordenadores”, the University Expert Certificate “Tecnologías Web y Comercio Electrónico”, and the University Master program of "Digital Post Production".
He is currently a Vice-chair of the Internet Technical Committee of IEEE Communications Society and Internet society. He has authored 12 books and has more than 220 research papers published in national and international conferences, international journals among them there are more than 50 with ISI Thomson Impact Factor. He has been the co-editor of 15 conference proceedings and guest editor of several books and journals.
Prof. Lloret serves as the editor-in-chief of the international journal "Networks Protocols and Algorithms", IARIA Journals Board Chair for 8 Journals and he is an associate editor of several international journals. He has been involved in more than 160 Program committees of international conferences and in many organization and steering committees. He led many national and international projects.
He is currently the chair of the Working Group of the Standard IEEE 1907.1. He has been the general chair or co-chair of 18 International conferences  He is the co-chairman AdHocNow 2014 and local chair of the IEEE Sensors 2014. He is a senior member of IEEE and IARIA Fellow.


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