Sept. 22 - Sept. 25, 2013

Final paper package submission

Please notice that by sending your final paper package to CDVE 2013 , you agree to fulfill the obligation of making one early registration per paper with the registration fee paid as required.
Accepted paper authors should use the Easychair system with the same submission number to upload your final paper .zip package before June 10, 2013. You can use "Submit a new version" command on the upper right side of your window.  Please use the Easychair paper number to name your package. For example submission 34, the .zip should be named Please make sure that you include the following 3 items in your paper package:
1) All files of your paper strictly following the instructions of  LNCS templates, particularly the paper format:
choice 1) .pdf with .doc.
choice 2) .pdf and your files in Latex. Please control the page width exactly as the template.
2) LNCS copyright form: Please fill up the form and print it out. After, sign the form and scan it. You can send in .pdf format. Please save it in smaller file size before you put it into the package.
Title of the Book/Volume/Conference: The 10th International Conference on
Cooperative Design, Visualization and Engineering (CDVE2013)
Volume Editor(s): Yuhua Luo
3) Early registration payment proof copy of at least one author per paper.  Without payment proof, the paper will not be included for publication.

Each paper should include and ONLY include:
Title, Author names(without personal and  job title), Affiliations, emails, abstract, keywords, and main text. Maximum 8 pages for full paper and 4 pages for short papers. Extra pages will be available by purchasing in your online registration form. 

CDVE Paper submission

Authors can send papers without submitting an astract. However, we do recommend you to submit an abstract first to raise the quality of your paper and the full paper will have more chance to be accepted.

Full paper submission - 8 pages

Each paper  should include and only include:
Title, author names, affiliations, emails, keywords, abstract and main text. Maximum 8 pages.

You should follow strictly the LNCS instructions and format to submit your paper.
The author’s instructions can be found in:
At this stage, you don’t need to send copyright forms, only a copy of .pdf of your paper in the right format.

Send your paper  in .pdf format to the Easychair system at the following URL:
You will need an Easychair account to submit your abstract. If you do not have it before, you can sign up an account on this page by clicking the link  sign up for an account.

If you have submitted an abstract, please use the same account to submit your paper using resubmit.

Short  paper submission - 4 pages

All the requirement is the same for short papers except that the paper should be limited to 4 pages and the contents can be intermediate results of a project.

 The papers will pass a peer review and only accepted papers will be published in the proceedings.


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