September 11-14, 2011

The conference hotel

CDVE 2011 will be held in the Ramada Hong Kong Hotel which is located in the Western district on Hong Kong Island. It is close to the center of town and not too far from the airport. September is high season in Hong Kong, and we are pleased that the hotel is offering our attendees attractively priced guest rooms for their accommodation during the conference. Please download this form and fax or email it to the hotel to secure your booking before the deadline. The deadline is August 11, 2011.

Other hotels

Ramada Hong Kong is short of a swimming pool. If you prefer one with a swimming pool, here are a couple of nearby hotels that are of similar quality to Ramada:

    * Traders Hong Kong Hotel - 10-min walk from Ramada.
    * Island Pacific Hotel - 10-min walk from Ramada.

And this one which has a nice harbour view (but no pool):

    * Marriott Courtyard Hong Kong - one block from Ramada.

If you prefer a luxurious hotel, but don't want to be stuck in a traffic jam and miss a session, you can look for one in the Central or Admiralty area on Hong Kong Island. Hotels in these areas are 15-20 minutes away by taxi. If for some reason you want to stay on the Kowloon side (Kowloon is on the other side of the harbour) or even farther, try to be in one that is close to the subway. Suppose you stay in the middle of Kowloon; taking the subway and then taxi will take about 40 minutes.

As kind of a general rule, one is advised to book a hotel in Hong Kong via an (online) agent instead of directly with the hotel. Do a search using such keywords as "Hong Kong hotel booking", and you will find plenty of booking agents or websites.

If you need any help with accommodation, please email cdve2011 at

Visit this site by the Hong Kong Tourism Board for more information on Hong Kong.


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