September 2-5, 2012

Professor Renate Fruchter from Stanford University will be the CDVE2012 keynote speaker

Renate Dr. Renate Fruchter is the founding director of the Project Based Learning Laboratory (PBL Lab –, at Stanford University. Her R&D focuses on collaboration technologies for multidisciplinary, geographically distributed teamwork, and e-Learning, such as Web-based team building, knowledge capture, sharing and re-use, project memory, corporate memory, mobile solutions, interactive workspaces, and mixed reality environments for remote collaboration.
In addition, her research team studies the impact of technology on learning, team dynamics, and assessment. She is the leader and developer of the innovative "Computer Integrated Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) Global Teamwork" course launched in 1993 at Stanford that engages university and industry partners from US, Europe, and Asia.


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