October 1-4, 2023, Mallorca, Spain

Conference Program

The CDVE2023 will be held in Mallorca, Spain on Oct. 1-4, 2023. This will be our 20 anniversary of the conference. You are all invited to join us.

The CDVE2023 conference program will include technical sessions and social activities. The conference organization team always tries to check the preparation of technical presentations before the conference to guarantee the quality of them. Social activities can help the participants to do networking, establish professional contacts for future cooperation.

Day 0. Oct. 1  Conference registration
Day 1. Oct. 2  Conference opening
                     Technical presentation sessions
                     Conference reception tour
Day 2. Oct. 3  Technical presentation sessions
                     Keynote speech
                     Evening: conference dinner
Day 3. Oct. 4  Technical presentation sessions
                     Conference closing

Technical Sponsor

IEEE SMC Visual Analytics and
                                  Communication Technical Committee


University of Balearic Islands

                          Institute of Science and Technology
Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

Information Visualization Society


Interact Design